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Lori Johnson Murawski
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Lori Johnson Murawski
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2155 E Sunshine St
c/o TelComm CU
Springfield, MO 65804

We’re a not-for-profit.
We are governed by a volunteer Board of Directors which allows you to have a voice in the future of the credit union. Also by not paying dividends to shareholders we can offer competitive loan & deposit rates. We have no outside stockholders—we answer only to our members. So in essence, when you become a member of TCU, you also become our boss. You are a member/owner of the credit union. Your voice and vote is what matters to us. 1 member = 1 vote. Amount on deposit does not factor in as credit unions are democratic financial cooperatives. This also enables us to act more quickly when our members identify a need.

Lower loan rates.
As a not-for-profit, any revenue we generate goes directly back to our members in the form of lower, often more favorable loan rates as well as higher deposit rates. So if you’re rate-shopping for a new car, home loan, or personal loan, you’re likely to save more on your interest and loan terms by paying us a visit.

Higher savings rates.
Our not-for-profit status also enables us to offer competitive interest rates on savings products. If you are looking for a financial home where your money can make you money, we’re your team.

Free checking with dividends.
You receive dividends on your checking account with an average daily balance of $200+ and dividends are paid monthly. No hoops to jump through.

Local decisions.
When you call us, a person answers the phone. This might not seem important until you’ve been prompted to press “1” twenty times in a row. TelComm’s leadership and board members are members of the Southwest Missouri community, so decisions aren’t being made in an ivory tower by people who have never set foot in the Ozarks.

We’re secure.
You’ve heard of the FDIC. The NCUA is the credit union version plus, the NCUA is an agency of the U.S. government so it is incredibly secure. On top of the $250,000 free account insurance provided by NCUA, TCU is the only area credit union with an additional $250,000 in insurance provided free through ESI (Excess Share Insurance). You get $500,000 in account insurance just by being a member on all of your funds with us at no cost to you.

We’re everywhere.
TelComm has more physical locations and ATMs in Springfield, Nixa, and Republic than any other credit union in the area. You can always find us when you need us.

Fewer fees all around.
We don’t believe in unnecessary surcharges. Whenever possible, we will not tack on the fees other financial institutions might pass onto their customers. And the fees we do charge are often lower than what you might pay elsewhere.

Volunteer Board of Directors.
Our Board of Directors is comprised of unpaid volunteer members. And since any TelComm member can be elected to the Board, all members have a chance to have their voice heard.