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In no particular order (you decide the importance):

Six broken collarbones. Two high school diplomas. BFA from The College of Visual and Performing Arts at Syracuse University. MBA from the University of Missouri - Kansas City. Four brothers. One sister. Two parents. Forty-nine out of fifty states. Several countries. Marketing manager. Interactive Advertising Strategist. Pizza Truck Driver. DMV Clerk. Waiter. Camp Counselor. House Painter. Movie extra. Special Event Planner. Account Executive. Brand Management. Oscar Mayer Hotdogger. Fundraiser. Volunteer. Coach. Husband. Three daughters. Two cats. Future dog owner. Hockey. Baseball. Basketball. Soccer. Track. Cross Country. Golf. Tennis. Biking. Yoga. Art awards. Oscar Awards Gift Bags. Writer. Painter. Creative partner. Uncle. Nephew. Cousin. Lot's and lots of cousins. Illinois. Vermont. The Bronx. Syracuse. Kansas City. Springfield, MO. Beer. Wine. Bourbon. Puns. Cubs. Artist.