Moses Consulting L.L.C

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Jim Moses

What competent Private Investigations/Training including but not limited to:

1. Digital Computer/Phone Forensics
2. Surveillance
3. Workmen's Comp Claims
4. Background Investigations
5 Find a current address
6. Find historical addresses
7. Find a date of birth
8. Identify known aliases
9. Identify and/or confirm a Social Security number
10 Locate birth records
11 Locate death records
12 Locate marriage records
13 Locate divorce filings
14 Skip Tracing
15 Locate a beneficiary for a probate proceeding
16 Research current and / or historical property holdings
17 Identify mortgage information
18 Identify secured lenders
19 Identify related party property transactions
20 Locate bankruptcy filings
21 Uncover improper relationships
20 Locate federal civil lawsuits
21 Locate federal criminal records
22 Retrieve and analyze federal civil and criminal records
23 Retrieve mug shots from arrest records
24 Provide independent analysis
25 Locate state and local criminal arrest records
26 Retrieve and analyze review criminal records
27 Locate home phone numbers
28 Locate cell phone numbers
29 Identify owner of home or cell phone number
30 Determine owners of corporation
31 Retrieve and analyze corporate records
32 Find and retrieve judgment and lien filings
33 Research familial history
34 Locate witnesses for a civil or criminal lawsuit
35 Interview witnesses for a civil or criminal lawsuit
36 Find assets
37 Find current or historical boat registrations
38 Find current or historical aircraft registrations
39 Search for hidden assets-(Bank Acct/Stocks/Bonds)
40 Discreet intelligence gathering
41 Identify professional licenses
42 Determine prior disciplinary records for professional licenses
43 Identify professional licenses
44 Determine prior disciplinary records for professional licenses
45 Obtain driving record history (in applicable states)
46 Find current vehicle registrations
47 Find historical vehicle registrations
48 Background checks on prospective jurors
49 Identify Uniform Commercial Code filings
50 Foreign corporation research
51 Conduct historical newspaper research
52 Conduct mobile or stationary surveillance
53 Perform clandestine operations
54 Locate a missing person
55 Identify and confirm education history
56 Identify and confirm previous employment history
57 Scour the Internet
58 Social Media Investigations
59 Pragmatic Building Security Assessments